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Slab Scanning

Can yours sanitary pipes and electrical wires are insides the concrete structures? and some pipe or wire are making the problem. So you will be thinking to break all walls for fixing a specific problem. Then no need to broke all concrete structures, Because we have a slab scanning machine that is used to detect problematic places easily that is inside the concrete structure. So if are you facing that type of issue then contact us.

What is Slab Scanning?

Slab Scanning is a technique that is used to detect blockage pipes inside concrete structures. Detailed engineering information can also be provided about concrete cover, reinforcement depth, bar spacing, and bar size with Slab Scan.

slap scanners can easily detect non-matel and metal items. They also identify areas, thickness, and depts of the targets items.


Safety is everyone's primary concern. scanning is helpful you mitigate risk. It's a rapid non-invasive way to known what is inside your concrete


The Slap scanning device provides quick and accurate data of the concrete structure. Slab Scanning has a high-resolution screen where you can easily investigate and analyze the collected Data 

Concrete Slab Scanning

Concrete slab scanning is a safety measure that is determined the breakdown electrical cable that is inside the concrete structure.

Slab Scanning Methods

  • X-Ray Scanning of Concrete
  • Ultrasonic Tomography
  • Seismic Tomography

Our Specialization

In concrete structures, we specialize in locating reinforcing bars, electrical conduits, post-tensioning cables, and other services. Besides providing detailed and accurate engineering data about concrete cover, reinforced depth, bar diameter, and spacing, Slab Scan provides other valuable information for other engineering projects.

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Before one month i hired Al jisr for Slab Scanning they provide a good quaility services i rellay recomended for concrete slab scanning
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